Elderly individuals are susceptible to a number of foot specific conditions. Some of these conditions can leave individuals disabled if they are not prevented and/or taken care of. Some of these common foot related conditions include: arthritis, ingrown toenails, fungal nails, diabetic ulcers, and corns/calluses. Proper geriatric foot care can minimize these common problems among the elderly.

Geriatric Foot Care Information

Many things change with age. When it comes to health…there are more changes than in any other area. One main disadvantage that comes with being elderly is the decrease of circulation to the lower portions of the body. This decreased circulation can be combined with another common geriatric issue, diminished sensation, can often result in skin breakdown or infection. The geriatric group as a whole is less active, less agile and may find that they have difficulty maintaining proper hygiene of their feet. They may experience either shortness of breath or dizziness when they attempt to bend over to inspect or clean their feet. These changes can be due to common problems amongst the elderly like arthritic changes or muscle weakness.